Innovative Home Help Services

Premium concierge services give you back precious time to spend with family and friends  – we can be our hands and feet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

A well connected local concierge company can offer a virtually unlimited list of capabilities because of their vast resources. Within most concierge company are hard working and talented consultants who are experts at matching up domestic employers with trained qualified butlers, nannies, house managers, housekeepers, maids, errand runners and tutors.  “Our services surpass traditional domestic placement processes – we take our “match up” process further – with personal connections. Each prospective employee that we refer to you is committed to helping your family with your personal lifestyle” – said, Roseline Shelstad of DeMaric Concierge Services on Bloomington, Minnesota.

Little background about the industry:

Most clients and applicants go through a concierge agency because, they’re usually not sure where to connect – except for online sites that could take much time, energy and sometimes not very good result. Making sure you work with a local and agency with personal connections to applicants.

Anne is intelligent, resourceful and loyal. Mary is hard working, speaks spanish and has worked as a professional nanny. Peter is a “Manny” and has worked with few families opened to hiring a guy to care for their children – he’s outgoing, likes biking, plays guitar and even cook. A family would be lucky to have any of these people in their home – cleaning, running errands, grocery shopping, helping the kids with home work, doing laundry and even taking the kids out to activities. But most family don’t even know these people exist. That’s where DeMaric Concierge Service comes in – the company helps busy families, seniors and anyone needing a hand or two to find reliable domestic help. Their process includes: screening, interviewing, conducting background search for – driving, ss#, drug, crime, education, experience, etc. The company also provides training for domestic helper, tailored to each family’s need.

Like their employment applicants, the company screens each family as well to verify information about their identity and verify references for screening; of these are done to ensure everyone’s safety.

The next time your family is looking into hiring or not sure if domestic employment is for you, call DeMaric Concierge at 952-290-0607 or email them at . The companyl select several prescreened candidates who meet many families domestic help criteria to send for interviews.

Call DeMaric Concierge 24/7 with your request or email letting them know your need and they’ll setup a profile meeting to explore your options together. In the mean time, please take some time to review the information below prior to making a decision about the level of service you would require from a nanny:

Parents are also encouraged to carefully consider which nanny care model suits them best when searching for a nanny. There are three main models of nanny care. These include custodial care, coordinated care and surrogate care.  All models provide valued contributions to the family and support the parents as they raise their children.

 In the custodial care model, the nanny’s role is limited to meeting the children’s physical and emotional needs during their parents’ absence. In this model, the parents manage the children’s day by providing the nanny with specific guidance. A nanny who provides custodial care will not have input into the child’s scheduling or activities and does not have a voice regarding childrearing practices or parenting philosophies.

In the coordinated model of nanny care the nanny’s role is to be a team player in raising the children. Nannies who engage in the coordinated model of care are viewed as true parenting partners. Nannies in this model have a voice when it comes to childrearing practices and parenting philosophies. Their input is not only sought, but highly valued by the parents. These nannies tend to be full charge nannies who are given the freedom to make the day to day decisions regarding the children’s activities and outings.

In the surrogate model of nanny care, the nanny’s role is to be the primary caregiver for the children. In this model of nanny care, the nanny may have limited interaction with her employers and may be left to make many deci­sions for the children in her care. Nannies who engage in the surrogate model of care may work for parents who travel extensively and require a guardian type of caregiver while they are away from the home.






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