Why the Need for Nanny is Growing

While having an in-home nanny may not be a common thing in the Mid-West – families who have one agree it can be the perfect situation, especially during the winter months. Imagine not having to bundle up your joy for a drop off at a day care center and a rush to/fro work each day; it’s even harder with more than one kids; however, for most families, “it’s like playing the lottery when recruiting nanny on your own” – said, Jennifer B. of Plymouth who made several attempts in the last couple of months trying to recruit a nanny for her 11 year old – per Jennifer, the process was wearisome with no luck of finding the right candidate – that was after she went through ten applications and four interviews; “most of the applicants were either recent high school graduates or full time college students”, said Jennifer – it was either they had no experience to take care of a home or they had no time to do the job; going through a concierge service or nanny agency will save you time and give you peace of a of mind; as long as you choose the right agency that check references, provide training as needed, etc. DeMaric Concierge Services – a domestic help placement agency in Bloomington, MN makes home visits to test applicants; “I take it personally when placing an individual with families”, we all need to be careful – that’s why everyone is screened – including the families; a work tryout is even available – if the family request it; another thing that is important to the agency is that the nanny speaks fluent english – this would eliminate the need for language, which often leads to miscommunication.



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