Confuse about a Nanny vs. Mother’s Helper?

S    Based on what we think would fully benefit a family:
       A Nanny Would
     Supervise the kids and make their meals (includes following parents decision for dietary and using judgement regarding healthy meal plans)
     Carefully seek and suggest activities for kids (considering after school, breaks and season)
     Help with school work/projects and ensuring parents see and sign all paperwork due back to school
     Responsible for picking up the home, keeping the kids’ things organized – including home work/projects,
     Take kids to parks, play dates, etc.
     Help parents with other household chores, especially when the kids are in school – includes laundry, errands, grocery, light cleaning, etc
     Nanny would sometimes serve as a house manager – ensuring the house runs smoothly – they hold up all the schedules and lists – organizing and directing contractors the hires for repairs, etc.
A Mother’s Helper 
Serves as the extra hand and feet for a mom who is already caring for the child herself; often, the mother’s helper would tend to the kids in short intervals while the mom run errands, cook a meal, work for a certain number of hours, take a nap, clean the house or the helper can do any of the other things while the mom spends quality time with the kids; I call a mother’s helper a mom’s personal assistant, “MPA”; they’re usually younger than a typical nanny and some with hardly any experience taking on such a responsibility for a home and kids at once -however, most have baby sitting experience – making them usually the most affordable. A more mature mother’s helper would:  help to set up the baby’s room, plan a baby shower, purchase and/or deliver a Welcome Baby Gift Basket and flowers/balloons for mom; can also provide house cleaning services and even pick up and deliver meals for the first week. can help you run errands, prepare dinner, pick-up/drop-off to/from school, do lite housekeeping, etc.

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