Wedding Consultant to the Rescue

DeMaric Event Consulting offers great service. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction, guaranteed! We’ll do what it takes to make our customers happy. The buck stops here so there are no rules getting in the way of our ability to get customers exactly what they need. If you have a special situation (such as delivery requirements, last minute vendor/help management , errands, or anything else), please contact us — we would love to help so you can have a stress free wedding! One example of our great customer service was when we agree to take on a last minute assignment for a very large wedding reception. I met with the bride and her mom the day before the wedding and accepted to jump in and help her. Both the mom and bride were each given a time line with specific instruction of things to complete. Not withstanding, the mom forgot to place the aisle runner in her car the night before the wedding, the round cake table did not have linen to fit, the fresh flowers arrived late and not arranged. Luckly, I always keep a large supply of wedding essentials in my trunk. I stepped in and supplied the items needed and billed the bride later. As for the flowers, I arranged them as they wanted, thank God for a class I took.


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